Friday, March 20, 2009

Human nature

It's almost two months since my last post. Well, here's a short update on what's going on.

I've started a new career path in end of February and I have moved. I am no longer staying on an island. So far, everything seems ok but I know I have lots of things to learn at work and will be very busy real soon.

Apart from that, there's nothing much to talk about. Life seems to be pretty normal or you can say, boring.

...oh maybe just something to share...some thinking for you to do...

When one gets comfortable and feels stable with something (can be anything, your job, your house, your dog, your partner, etc.), is it normal to take things for granted? Then, you pay less attention to that something and life seems very plain (or dull!) and the importance level becomes lower and lower....sigh....human nature?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mooo-ing into a new chapter

See?? I told you time flies and it's been a month plus since I last blogged. Heh!

Oh anyway, my apologies for having MIA for so long. You know...I've been busy. But then again, I hope it's not too late to wish you a belated Merry X'mas 2008, Happy 2009 and a Happy and Prosperous Moo Year.

Another thing that I forgot to mention, I got a call the other day and I went for an interview. Just a few days before CNY, I got a call from them again. Hehehehe...I'm hired! :P

So, I hereby declare that 2009 IS going to be the starting point for my career path to change and I mean it. It's heading towards where I want it to be and it's happening already....If you don't get anything I say here, oh for goodness' sake, please go read up a book. I don't know what sort of power the book has but it does bring lots of strength ever since I finished reading the book (and applying/practising its concepts). It is The Secret to a life of abundance. Do yourself a favour and go read it up. :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

What has happened and What is going on...

It's almost two months. I thought I won't be blogging anytime soon (which means that I have nothing bothering me...), but then again...lots of things are clogging my brain until I could hardly breathe, at times. Here's a short update on what has happened and what is going on.

What has happened

November - I took a week's break and went on holiday with my family. We went to HK, Macau and certain areas of Guangdong Province in China. Everything was great, especially the part when I totally forgot what day and date it was while touring around those places.

I attended two job interviews, so far. Hopefully, there's more coming. I know economy is bad but please see below for further understanding.

What is going on

Current job - it sucks. I know I am complaining again. Initially, I thought there's something wrong with me since I keep complaining about my job. I thought it could be some kinda attitude problem or phobia with the work place....but I was wrong. Everyone is complaining about it. Everything you can think of about the company is wrong. See below for the list of wrong things!

No SOP - if A is reviewing the report, follow A's style. If B is reviewing the report, follow B's style. If Bodoh is reviewing your report, follow Bodoh's style. And each report has to go through 3 rounds of reviews by 3 different reviewers, which mean that I MUST change my report for at least 3 times before a report is sent to the client. Stupid right? NO standardization at all. Next time who to follow?? I will follow my own style. -.-

No OT claims BUT they want you to do everything in a short period of time (Pao Sua Pao Hai Pao Ka Liao). Sometimes, we even need to bring work back to do, but they say... "you have no initiative. You must work harder".... HOW? Do until die?

No quarterly bonus. I understand that the current economy situation is bad...but the bonus that I'm talking about is on a quarterly basis. When they hired me and my other colleagues, they have promised us on the quarterly bonus - but there's none at all. Even for the past quarter when we actually HAD lots of business and they had promised us that there WILL BE bonus but in the end, the management just gave us a stupid excuse. "We actually don't know whether there will be bonus or not" Top management but can't give a certain answer? Mana bonus?

Punctuality. If I'm late for an hour or so, I can understand if the management were to ask for explanation. But, they will always ask at the wrong time. "I noticed that you were late for 2 minutes on 5th, please explain" TWO minutes....

Communication. To be honest, each time when I enter the office, it feels like entering a cemetery while the other zombies and robots who are glued to the screen are tombstones. They hardly move. They don't talk. We are not allowed to talk. We can only communicate via Skype. And when I really talk to my colleague, I must whisper. If the management see me walking to my colleague's place, it means that I have no tasks to do and I am very free. That has resulted in yours truly becoming very talkative once I leave office. I talk non-stop when the bf calls. I can't stop talking the moment I enter my house. I never stop talking each time I go out for lunch.

Leave system. The definition of leave is one is away from office to tend to his or her personal matters. And that obviously shows that the person is unable to complete her task on that day itself. Unfortunately, the company (or maybe just the manager) has problem in understanding the term "leave". When I was on leave for a week in November, that fcuker had allocated a case (means I will need to do a report for that case) to me. Each case normally has a turn around time of 2 weeks but the due date of the case was a day after I come back from my vacation. Isn't that stupid? How can I complete the whole big report (research, analysis and compilation) in just two days' time when I actually need at least 2 weeks to do? Now that shows you one thing. There is no relevance in applying leave. Afterall, I will still be getting work. Why still need to apply leave?

Discrimination. The company prefers people of darker skin, particularly those with something sticking out from the groin area. They don't like and will discriminate people with "holes" and also those of fairer skin. If you're a lady and you have fair skin, sorry but the management (particularly the VP) won't listen or talk to you. Move aside.

Career progression. No chance at all coz after this level, you can never go anywhere. You are stuck at where you are forever, so long as you are still attached to the company.

Turnover rate. Very high. That tells you why I am actively searching for a job elsewhere even though deep down in my heart, I knew that it's going to be difficult due to the economy crisis.
There are more things to talk about the company....but right at this moment, I could really feel my blood pressure rising. I'll keep you posted on other things about this company coz innocent fresh graduates should NOT be fooled by such company. I entered the company with job experience...but it feels like everything (my job experience, educational background, other skills, etc) is put to waste!

Job applications - My previous and current job have really given me a wake-up call to my future. I thought it over and over again and I am still thinking. Which is the right one? Choose the type of jobs in the industry you're interested in OR any type of jobs that can feed you at the end of the month (even though you may not have the interest)? Even though the question is vital, I guess I'm not given the luxury to choose also since the economy is going downwards. Previously, I got scared of the industry I was in and thought I won't be going back to it. But now, it's ironic. I actually feel and want to be back to where I actually belong. Will there be a chance? Times are bad but I am not giving up!

Thoughts of the future - I was on Facebook a moment ago. I saw a few familiar names on the People You May Know function. Again, I saw ex-schoolmates (some not so close) who are doing well in their career. Some in other countries. People have gone so far and achieved so much, what have I done to myself thus far?? I know I have mentioned this umpteen times and I know I shouldn't be comparing but I can't help thinking, why people can do it and I can't? (Of coz the comparison cannot be based on the fact that they were born with a silver spoon in the mouth and I'm just a very normal average one....but, that could be the factor...)

The New Year (2009) - This year is coming to an end. I haven't done anything much this year. But, I have lots of things set as my resolution for the new year. I am determined to achieve them. I want them to happen and will make sure things go that way! Watch this space!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Were you ever torn between your career and relationship?

I still haven't really gone through that stage yet. Even though I don't wish it to happen, but I guess such a question will sooner or later pop up to anyone of us. Don't you think so?

I actually went for an interview this morning. I'm not going to reveal any details unless I really get the job. I have high confidence and feel good with the job. BUT, there's something else bugging me now. The CEO who happened to walk pass the room where I was being interviewed by the COO, had came in to ask some questions...those kind of questions that girls normally dread to answer.

I wasn't really shocked with those questions but what he said had taught me a good lesson that I will meet those kind of people who will really ask such idiotic questions if I were to get this job. Apart from those brain-teaser questions, both the bigshots of the company had asked another question. Even though I (and my other half) have never seriously talked about marriage yet or even on when it's going to happen, even blind people would know that a couple who is in a relationship will sooner or later settle down and build a family together. The interviewers had actually asked whether wedding bells would ring anytime soon. Of course I said no, but their response had actually made me somewhat...erm, shocked.

Oh the title of this topic has really dominated my brain cells! Before I applied for this job, I had really hoped to get their call. And when I got it, I wanted to attend the interview as soon as possible to grab the opportunity. But now, I can't deny that I am actually a bit confused, especially after that interview session. I knew I did quite well in selling myself during the interview but then again, hmmmm....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bad luck day - where is the parking attendant?

Friday was a bad luck day for me. Here's what happened:

I woke up late that morning coz I can't sleep the night before. It's been like this for weeks. :( Then I got stuck in massive traffic jam coz of faulty traffic lights at almost every road I used -.-

Of all time, my stomach decided to start spinning like a washing machine. It felt more like I was having a sudden diarrhea and needed to go and explode the toilet IMMEDIATELY. But, I was stuck in jam, remember? I can't move or go anywhere.... Just imagine, your ass sudah mau pecah, and you were stuck in a bloody jam for almost an hour!

And when I finally arrived at office, I clocked in, left my bag and immediately disappeared -> toilet. BUT, the bloody cleaners who were supposed to clean the loo at 7.30am each day suddenly decided to clean the place at 8.30am. -.-

So, I went down to Level 2 (cannot access Level 3's toilet - only meant for employees from company M) and YES! "I'm finally at heaven!" I thought. After the explosion, I suddenly realized something. How come there's no tissue here? I checked my pocket and luckily I had one. Only one miserable piece of tissue in my pocket! And when I flushed, it felt like the whole toilet was going to collapse. Water just gushed out like a fountain! Luckily only the bottom part of my jeans got wet. I left the bloody washroom immediately.

I went back to office and started on my work. Another bad thing that happened was, the China analyst who collaborated with me on yet another (private) investigation report had sent me a pile of shit. As Friday was the due date for submission, I only managed to have lunch at 5pm after I cleared her mistakes and done almost everything!

I was supposed to go back early on that day to attend a friend/ex-colleague's farewell buffet dinner but I had to stay back until 7pm for a stupid review on my report. When I finally left office, it was again....very jam coz it was a Friday! Grrr...

As I was already late for my appointment, I drove back as though I was driving a F1 car. I reached home, got ready in 5-10 minutes and rushed out of my house again. The buffet dinner was supposed to start at 7.30pm but I only managed to reach there at about 8.30pm. I hate to be late...! Got stuck in jam again lah...grrr

I thought I was very lucky when I found a parking space exactly opposite the hotel. I parked along the road side and ran into the hotel. After the dinner, it suddenly rained heavily (with thunderstorm, lightning and strong wind, like tsunami was coming!). I couldn't go out to get my car, so I asked a friend to fetch me to where I parked.

I got all wet, and the next thing I noticed green color parking ticket that was left on my windscreen was already torn. The parking attendant had left the ticket there, and it rained and the ticket sudah jadi hancur kecai! Gahhhhh!! As it felt like tsunami was coming (I parked along Gurney Drive), I quickly drove back...and everywhere was flooded! My little car had to swim through to get home.

When I finally reached home, I couldn't find any where to park. So, I parked outside at a nearby road which was poorly lit and it was still raining heavily. I got out of my car with an umbrella and tried to find the torn parking ticket (with the hope that at least a portion of it was still there?). It was that time that I heard some idiots whistling. I turned and saw a BIG group of foreign workers coming my way. Nearly went gila, I locked my car and ran back towards my house under the heavy rain. -.-

Everything just went wrong on that day. Until today, I am still unable to find back that parking attendant. -.- And I will soon be fined for not paying for the parking ticket. Grrr...memang bad luck!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A wake up call from the future

A few minutes ago, I purposely entered a social network website and sent an ex-schoolmate a birthday wish. While on her profile page, I noticed her profession, her photos, other details, etc. I suddenly recalled our days when we were still schooling and very much confused on which path to go. We went on separate ways and both are graduates now, but there's difference between us....

It's not about benchmarking but I couldn't help thinking why she and many other friends (of the same age) have gone so far in their career path and yet yours truly is still struggling here, not knowing whether she had entered the wrong industry. It's not that I'm having a terrible life but it dawned on me that, if back then I had insisted to do things my way and of course if money wasn't an issue, I would be a somebody (professional job ler....not easy!) today. But then again, the "what-if" could never happen again and I could never ever turn back time to do what I was supposed to. What I can do now is to change what I have in mind today for the sake of my future. Hopefully, it's not too late for me to start on a path that would lead me to where I should be going to.

This time, I am going to be persistent on what I want, no matter how difficult the path would be. It's been a tough experience and decision to make. I had always considered the feelings of people and every other issues around me. In the end, I forgot about myself. Time is running and age is catching up, I don't want to miss any opportunities at my age! I have decided to do something for myself...just for myself this time, for the sake of my future.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Decision made

It's been a week or so that I haven't had enough sleep. For the past one week or so, every morning, the moment I opened my eyes till the time I closed my eyes at night, I kept thinking. I was even thinking when I was asleep (I don't think I was really sleeping also). I thought of the whole thing even when I was driving, in the shower and at office.

I had considered so many factors before making this difficult decision. Even though I am 95% sure of the decision, the remaining 5% depends very much on the opportunities. I'm hoping for miracles to happen. I knew the path ahead is going to be very tough, but I will still proceed and continue to walk through it.

I shall keep you updated again.